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Takes effect in California January 1, 2005

50 BMG Rifles and Product Info

Designed to free the world, the 1919-A4 is available to those who still are.
The Browning Model 1919 was the work horse of the U.S. and allied armies. They were used in aircraft, tanks and front line infantry and saw action from WWII through Vietnam.
This modified original Browning 1919-A4 has been remanufactured using genuine G.I. parts to shoot semi auto only and can not be converted to full auto. This firearm is BATF approved and may be legally owned like any other rifle and in all fifty states. (Note: mag59 tripod as shown is currently unavailable. Tripod may vary.)

 You will find the detailed workmanship of this remanufactured weapon to be very close to the original and is excellent for shooters, re-enactors or military vehicle enthusiasts. Fires commercial ammunition or blanks. All components internal and external are finished with a gray military type parkerization process. The tripod is finished in current milspec coating.

For a limited time we will be offering this semi-auto 1919-A4 chambered in .30-06 with a M2 tripod, 250 links, a training manual and BATF approval letter! PRICE ON REQUEST.

Other models
: 1919-A4 in .308 with a M2 tripod, 250 links and training manual
: 1919-A6 in .30-06 or .308 with bipod, shoulder stock, 250 links and training manual

All firearms sold with a manufacturer's one year parts and workmanship warranty.
Don't miss the chance to own the legend - without all of the full auto hassles!

This Firearm Will Shoot Semi Auto Only And Cannot Be Converted To Full Auto.
This Firearm Is BATF Approved And May Be Legally Owned In All Fifty States
Where 50 Caliber Rifles Are Legal.


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