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Takes effect in California January 1, 2005

50 BMG Rifles and Product Info

EDM Arms Windrunner 50 bmg

EDM Arms Windrunner XM-107 Tactical

Product Description:

The Windrunner XM-107 Tactical is a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle chambered for the Browning Machine Gun cartridge (.50 Cal. BMG or 12.7x99mm NATO). This rifle can be differentiated from all others in the fact that it can be taken-down into 5 pieces or assembled, without any tools, in less than 1 minute. The complete take-down overall length is less than 32 inches.  


Receiver One-piece, investment-casting 4140 chromoly, zero-stress, hardened to 4042 Rockwell by Shogun Precision Casting; X-ray quality-control for crack-detection to ensure zero-defects.
Magazine 3-round, single stack
Barrel 28-inch Fluted Graphite Barrel by K&P Gun Co.;
Secured to the receiver by Uzi-style threaded nut and self-locking ratchet
Trigger Remington-style, 4-lb. pull
Muzzle Brake Threaded to the muzzle; 80 30-degree holes
Stock Adjustable by sliding it away or into the receiver
Cheekrest Molded carbon fiber
Recoil Pad Poly-sorbothane
Monopod Folds in and out of the stock
Scope Mount Integrated Picatinny rail on the receiver, sloped; 30mm rings
Bipod M14 bipod
Sling M80 sling
Hard Case 34-inch Starlight , air/water-tight (optional)
Rifle Weight 34 lbs.

EDM Arms Windrunner 50 bmg
Complete Package Price: $7,500.00 without optics

There is currently a 2-4 week production time

EDM Arms Windrunner 50 bmg




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