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50 Caliber Ban DEFEATED!!!

Well, that was last year - 2003.
This is this year, and we've finally lost that battle. Effective January 1, 2005, Californians will no longer be able to purchase 50 caliber rifles, as they have been banned by the legislature and signed into law by our "friend" Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now all we can say is

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While I don't have any particular details on this yet, EDM Arms has informed me that the committee voted on AB2222 and it has been defeated!!! I'll let you know more as soon as I find out!!!





The committee has received over 950 "OPPOSED" letters. Awesome!!
Whether those letters will make a difference remains to be seen.
Regardless, this has been quite an experience for all involved.
And we're not done by a long shot. We have to keep up the pressure on
these lawmakers so they don't keep treading on our rights.
The next task at hand will be the proposed 5 cent ammunition tax.

As soon as we hear any news about AB2222, I'll post it online. Thanks again to everyone for all your help. Just remember, it's not over.

Thank you!!!
Frank & Jolynne


Anti-Gun LA Times article - Who would have figured?


John Burtt's response to the LA Times anti-gun article

Readers Representative:
Editorial Desk:
Dear LA Times,

My name is John Burtt and I was recently mentioned in an April 18th story on
gun control. I am writing the Times for two reasons: First, I believe the
article inaccurately and unfairly portrayed my discussion with the author.
Second, I feel quite strongly that the article directly advocates on behalf
of specific legislation before the California Assembly. The article's own
headline states an opinion that advocates for the passage of this specific
legislation. This legislative advocacy, was run in the news section of your

If my organization were to pay for similar space in the LA Times, we would
be required by law to comply with California political disclosure
guidelines. I believe it is unethical that your paper gets an exemption,
particularly when this opinion is found in the news section of the paper.

I have enclosed my response to the piece which I would respectfully ask you
publish in order to offer fair dialogue on the subject.


John Burtt
Fifty Caliber Shooters' Policy Institute

(From John Burtt, Chmn, 4-17, 8:43 pm)

AB 2222 was heard today in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety in Sacramento. Assemblyman Koretz introduced his amended version of the bill (to read the amended version go to: Tom Diaz from the Violence Policy Center was allowed to address the committee for 20, minutes and he was followed by Andre Soto from the Trama Center.
Opposition statements to the bill were limited by the Chairman to "just a few" selected speakers. We had anticipated this and several of us were prepared with statements covering a wide range of (but different) objections. The bill was then held over for further amendments (by the author) and will come back up for committee discussion next Tuesday the 23rd of April.
It was agreed the bill is flawed badly with the amendments that have just been added and it is my impression the author is not really sure of the ramifications of his own bill.
From our consolidated point of view, the bill is a bad bill based on terrible presumptions and it has been badly written. I will leave any further analysis until we receive the new language when AB 2222 is re-amended.
To synopsize what occurred today, I would have to say the efforts that have been put forward by a lot of people paid off. Virtually every pro-gun organization was there today in opposition to this bill and based on our conversations with everyone (except Assembly member Jackie Goldberg) the committee members have received an incredible amount of calls, emails, faxes and letters in opposition to this bill.
We received a lot of support from Assemblyman Jay La Suer and Assemblyman Dick Dickerson. Both of them asked very pointed questions about the language and intent of this bill and Assemblyman La Suer was very strong in his opinions relating to the proponents misrepresenting the "crisis" surrounding the fifty caliber. We all need to take the time to express our thanks to both of them for their support of our point of view.
I would also like to recommend that everyone make a call to Assemblyman Washington's office and thank him for allowing us a great deal of latitude in our opposition to the bill. He could very easily restricted our opportunity to speak today.
Speakers in opposition included Tom Miller (retired ATF Agent), Ronnie Barrett (owner of Barrett Firearms) and myself. We also had another speaker from the group that regularly gets together for fun shoots at Angeles Shooting range. I was negligent in not getting his name, but he is an attorney and presented his arguements very well.(if anyone knows his name, please pass it back to me).
By far the most compelling speaker on our behalf was Ronnie Barrett. His assessment of this bill and the people behind the efforts to take our guns was straight from the heart and were compelling. He was able to effectively attack the veracity of the author and Mr. Diaz in eloquent fashion.
Chairman Washington has indicated the opposition will be given more of an opportunity to address the committee next week.
Just to give you an idea of the supporters who were not able to speak that we had in the committee room lined up to address the committee members:
Safari Club
Second Amendment Sisters
Rock McMillan-Owner McBros Rifle Co.
Bill Ritchie-Owner EDM Arms
Jim Schmidt-Owner Arizona Ammunition

I'm sure there are others I have forgotten, but the support was impressive.
I want to thank everyone who helped us out today and I want to thank all of you out there who took the time to write a letter, call, send faxes and emails. Every single voice counts.
I would also like to ask everyone to continue the pressure. We need to turn up the heat a little bit on most of the committee members. I think we really made an impression on most of them today. (Mr. Cedillo and Jackie Goldberg were not present). It was also obvious from body language and facial expressions during the testimony that Mr. Diaz doesn't really care about your right to own your target rifle. The remainder of the committee members were attentive and appeared to be concerned with the proceedings.
Another favor if I may. It has been asked by the staff in Mr. Dickerson's office and Mr. La Suer's office to let them off the hook from your wrath. I assure you, both of them are our friends. If you want to communicate with them, be nice and thank them for their help. They have been swamped!!
Enough for now.
To each of you, thanks for helping out when it counted.

John Burtt,

(From Barry Laws, Second Amendment Sisters) Tuesday, April 16, 2002 4:34 PM

SUBJECT: AB 2222 Assembly Bill - Good news so far....


Straight from Dionne, our press coord here in Calif. A big personal thanks
for going to the meeting and representing us all!

After reading what follows, to send Faxes, be sure to send one first to the
"General Fax line" for the Public Safety Committee below... don't skip this
step... this fax # gets to the "letter counter" who says how many have
written in support and how many have written in opposition etc... Our
letters obviously have an influence as the update shows. Congrats on the
pressure. Lets win this one!!!!!!

Please, One more fax, and address to:

Assembly Public Safety Committee.
fax # 916 319 3745
(Add verbiage similar to this to your brief letter: "PLEASE COUNT THIS

Please as a minimum send this one fax. A thank you fax to the players
mentioned below would be great.

Barry Laws
Los Angeles Coord,
Second Amendment Sisters


Yes, it was my quote... amazing. Anyway, I just got home from the hearing
and it was kind of a zoo. There were only three people there in support of
the bill - including Koretz: one was none other than Mr. "Voting from the
Rooftops" himself, Tom Diaz. He flew all the way from D.C. to support this
bill so even though the committee knew they would not be voting on it today,
they let him and his meat-puppet from the Trauma Center, Andre Soto,
They lied, of course, and it was sickening.

To be fair, they had to let Mr. Barrett and the others who had flown in from
out of state testify against the bill. They were great! Mr. Barrett is
every bit a southern gentleman and his testimony was very compelling. The
best part was when Assemblyman Jay La Suer ripped this bill apart limb from
limb. He is great and deserves many letters of thanks from our side.

They did not act on the bill today, but held it over until next Tuesday.
That is when the rest of us will get to have our say. The supporters are
really going to turn up the heat this week so do not relax your efforts! I
think the proponents of the bill are going to get everyone they can to come
and testify next week because they were so grossly outnumbered today.

The committee does not seem supportive of this bill - in fact, Speaker Pro
Tem Fred Keeley (a very powerful and well-respected Assemblyman) has REMOVED
his name from this bill. That is not characteristic of his past record on
gun issues - this means he has serious doubts about this bill and is willing
to listen to us. Please be very polite to him and his staff, they are very
nice people!

Ed Worley doesn't think he will have the final amendments to the bill until
next Monday so there won't be much as far as new information to use in our
opposition letters that need to be sent this week - but it doesn't matter.
Send letters anyway; don't let them forget that we oppose this bill!

; )

or relinquish at your nearest
police station

AB2222 has been amended to outlaw only the 50 BMG Rifle and Cartridge.
You've got to read it for yourself.

Please check back often I will update info as often as I can, time permitting. Web development takes a back seat to customers in the store, but I'm doing my best.
Thanks for your understanding.

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California is attempting to ban 50 Caliber rifles and armor piercing ammo!! What is determined to be armor piercing coule be ANY centerfire rifle round! Your help is urgently need NOW to keep AB2222 from getting out of the Public Safety Committee!!

See the update on

I received an update from John Burtt of .

While in Sacramento for the past three days I learned that many
legislators would find it a lot easier to support our right to keep our
guns if the guns were being used for hunting purposes.(in addition to
competition) I don't have time right now to get involved in a lengthy
discussion on the political correctness of this arguement, but I'm
asking for help from any of you that hunt with your guns or if you have
friends that hunt with theirs .
What we want to do is create a section on the FCSA web page for hunters.
One of the things I found in Sacramento was most legislators have our
web page bookmarked. When speaking with the Chief of Staff of the
Assembly Speakers office, he just clicked on the FCSA web page from his
bookmarks and started asking me questions.
If you have photos, stories or experiences that you can forward to us,
we'd like to be able to use them. If you have friends who hunt with
their guns, ask them to share their stories or photos.
You can forward them to me at my email address or to Will Ray who is
also listed in the header of this message. Will is the web page master
for FCSA.
Send what you can, let us figure out if we can use it.

John Burtt

***So, if you've been hunting with your 50, that would be superb support for our side of this issue. I've had customers come in an talk about taking out a boar with the LAR Grizzly Big Boar at about 1500 yds. Now we just need pictures and personal hunting stories. If you've got anything to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Jolynne ***

Assembly Public Safety Committee - The staff is responsible for taking information (FACTS) from your letters and creating an information packet for the Members to review. Please fax your "Facts" and general opposition. You can address this letter simply to "Assembly Public Safety Committee". Emotional pleas don't matter here. She (staff) is looking for valid FACTUAL information concerning public safety.

NRA Research/Facts on 50 BMG

Direct emotional pleas, as well as "public safety" facts, to individual committee members below. All methods of communication will help, but in order of effectiveness:

1. Snail mail
2. Faxes
3. Telephone Calls
4. Email



CA .50 Caliber Bill Put Off Until April 16th
The Bill to ban .50 caliber target rifles in CA (AB 2222-Koretz) has been rescheduled for hearing on April 16th instead of April 2nd as originally scheduled. The Bill will still be heard in the Committee for Public Safety, but has just been put off two weeks.
FCSPI will still be attending the hearing, but we are asking everyone to help us out on this issue. I'm asking everyone to write a one page letter expressing your opposition to this bill and mail the letter to every member on the committee.

Please write letters, send faxes and emails to the members of the Committee on Public Safety. For the names of everybody in that committee just link to: <>

Once you know who's on the committee, just go back to: <>
and it will provide you the info to call them, send letters or emails. Calling them and expressing your opposition doesn't hurt either. I'm including below the information to send faxes to each members office.

Carl Washington, Chair Fax: 916-319 2152
Jay La Suer, Vice Chair Fax: 916-319 2177
Richard L. Dickerson Fax: 916-319 2102
Fred Keeley (Speaker Pro Tem of the CA Assembly) Fax: 916-319 2127
Gil Cedillo Fax: 916-319 2146
Manny Diaz Fax: 916-319 2123
Jackie Goldberg Fax: 916-319 2145

If you want to read a copy of the bill, just go to our web page at: <>.
If you reside in CA, please contact your own Assemblyman and let them be aware of your opposition.
I can't stress enough how important it is that they know in Sacramento how we feel on this issue.

John Burtt

California Assembly Public Safety Committee contact information

Committee Email:
Committee Phone number: (916) 319-3744
State Assembly Daily File

Carl Washington, Chair Dem-52 (916) 319-2052

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249?0001
Phone: (916) 319-2052
Fax: (916) 319-2152

District Office
145 East Compton Boulevard
Compton, CA 90220
(310) 223-0759
Fax (310) 223-0765

Jay La Suer, Vice Chair Rep-77 (916) 319-2077
Capitol Office:
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2077
fax 916-317-2177

District Office:
5360 Jackson Dr., Ste. 120
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 465-7723
(619) 465-7765 FAX

Richard L. Dickerson Rep-2 (916) 319-2002

District Office:
100 East Cypress Ave., Suite 100
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 223-6300

Capitol Office:
State Capitol, Room 5160
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2002
fax 916-319-2102

Fred Keeley Dem-27 (916) 319-2027

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2027 (tel)
(916) 319-2127 (fax)

Keeley's Santa Cruz County District Office:
701 Ocean Street, 318-B
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 425-1503 (tel)
(831) 425-2570 (fax)

Keeley's Monterey County District Office:
100 Campus Center Building #58
Seaside, CA 93955
(831) 384-1980 (tel)
(831) 384-2913 (fax)

Gil Cedillo Dem-46 (916) 319-2046 [NO EMAIL]
District Office
617 S. Olive Street
Suite 710
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 833-2900
fax 213-833-2907

Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0001
Phone: (916) 319-2046
Fax 916-319-2146

Manny Diaz Dem-23 (916) 319-2023

Capitol Office
State Capitol
Room 2170
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0023
Phone: (916) 319-2023
Fax: (916) 319-2123

District Office
100 Paseo De San Antonio
Suite 300
San Jose, CA, 95113
Phone: (408) 269-6500
Fax: (408) 277-1036

Jackie Goldberg Dem-45 (916) 319-2045

District office:
106 North Avenue 56
Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 258-0450
fax: (323) 258-3807

Capitol Office:
State Capitol, Rm. 5155
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2045
fax: (916) 319-2145

Sample letters

AB2222 Text

FCSPI info on the 50 Caliber Ban

NRA Research/Facts on 50 BMG

Gun Facts

Important 50 Caliber Links

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Don Perata, the legislator who proposed the $.05 PER BULLET ammunition tax is a HYPOCRIT! This is his request for CCW renewal!

Click on the letter for full-sized view.

These are the people that are trying to LIMIT OUR rights, but it's OK for THEM to have guns. It's ok for them, but not the PEASANTS to be able to protect themselves!!!