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AMMO TAX - 10 cents a round!
A million things run through my head and I could wirte forever, but let's get down to the DIRT! Unless you plan on turning in your guns in 10 years (OR LESS!) I need you to take a little time out and write some letters.

I got an email from Jeff Greene at Ray Haynes' office that AB992, the 10-CENT PER ROUND AMMO "FEE" (now called a fee so they can pass it with fewer votes!) made it out of the Public Safety Committee (PSC). Last session Perata tried to get a 5-CENT TAX through committee and it died because they all laughed at him. So how the HELL did this bill make it out of committee!??!?

Frankly, we just haven't been paying enough ATTENTION or spending enough time writing letters, etc. So NOW, instead of having to write about 9 letters to members of the PSC, we have to write a crapload more letters if we want this idiotic legislation to fail.

How many MORE times are YOU going to go out shooting if a box of 45 caliber target loads cost $17 instead of $12? And how many times are you going to take your children and their best friend out plinking if a brick of 22 ammo costs you 60 BUCKS instead of 10!?

Ya know, if awful tough enough running a gun store at the margins we're able to get ALREADY. But even though there is very little money in ammo (guns too for that matter!), EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. If I sell 50 boxes of ammo and make $2 on each box, it's a hell of a lot better than making than making $2 on NONE. And that is exactly what is going to happen if this law survives. Frankly, OUR SURVIVAL AS A GUN STORE IN Kalifornia DEPENDS ON YOU - THE GUN OWNER. We know that. You need to know that. If the small gun shops go down, I'll say it again - you will have VERY FEW choices on where you get your shooting supplies. We like it here, REALLY. But WE CAN'T STAY IF WE CAN'T PAY OUR BILLS.

Ammo for guns is like OIL for your car. YOU NEED IT TO RUN. That is why you'll find ammo here at low prices ALL THE TIME - not just when there's a sale. But when the price of ammo increases 60% or MORE, just how much are you going to buy?

And don't think "Oh, I'll just reload my own ammo." There are sure to be "FEES" on ALL of the reloading components too. They'll get you comin' and goin' - I think you know that.

So please - and sorry for all the YELLING, but I am WAY pissed off at the way this state is going to hell in a hand basket - fire up your word processor and send some letters out. Below are names and numbers of the Health Committee members. Please send faxes ASAP as the bill will be heard next week. Title the page "PLEASE OPPOSE AB992" and explain to them why such a fee will not help reduce crime and that is shifts the burden of paying for crime-related expenses to the law abiding citizen. You can elaborate from there.

If you only send one letter to each person, then FAX IT TO THE FAX NUMBER WITH THE (916) AREA CODE. If you are only able to send a few faxes - START FROM THE TOP, with faxes to the CHAIR and VICE CHAIR of the committee (these should specifically address the committee member by name). Try to send as many as possible. If you have to, type out ONE letter and fax it to each member WITHOUT addressing the individual names.

HEALTH COMMITTEE - "Please oppose AB 992"

Dario Frommer, Chair Dem-43(916) 319-2043[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2143 Fax: (818) 240-4632

Robert Pacheco, Vice Chair Rep-60(916) 319-2060[comments]
Fax: (916) 319-2160 Fax: (626) 839-2005

Patricia C. Bates Rep-73(916) 319-2073[comments]
Fax: (916) 319-2173 Fax: (949) 363-2630 Fax: (760) 757-8087

Wilma Chan Dem-16(916) 319-2016[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2116
Fax: (510) 286-1888

Ed Chavez Dem-57(916) 319-2057[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2157

Judy Chu Dem-49(916) 319-2049[email]
FAX: 916-319-2149 FAX: 323-981-3436 FAX: (626) 450-6119

Rebecca Cohn Dem-24(916) 319-2024[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2124 Fax: (408) 369-8174

Robert D. Dutton Rep-63(916) 319-2063[email]
Fax: (916)319-2163 Fax: 909-466-4185

Jackie Goldberg Dem-45(916) 319-2045[email]
fax:(916) 319-2145 (323) 258-3807 fax:

Ray Haynes Rep-66(916) 319-2066[email] - Haynes is on OUR SIDE!
Fax: (916)319-2166 Fax: (909) 694-1039

Paul Koretz Dem-42(916) 319-2042[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2142 FAX: 310-289-4250

Sally J. Lieber Dem-22(916) 319-2022[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2122 Fax: (408) 277-2084

Bill Maze Rep-34(916) 319-2034[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2134 Fax: 559-636-4484

Kevin McCarthy Rep-32(916) 319-2032[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2132 Fax: (661) 395-3883

Cindy Montañez Dem-39(916) 319-2039[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2139
Fax: (818) 838-3931

Alan Nakanishi Rep-10(916) 319-2010[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2110 Fax: (209) 333-5333

George Nakano Dem-53(916) 319-2053[comments]
fax: (916) 319-2153

Gloria Negrete McLeod Dem-61(916) 319-2061[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2161 Fax: (909) 621-7483

Fabian Nuñez Dem-46(916) 319-2046[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2146 Fax: (213) 620-6319

George A. Plescia Rep-75(916) 319-2075[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2175 Fax: (858) 689-6296

Keith Richman Rep-38(916) 319-2038[email]
Fax: 916-319-2138 Fax: (818) 885-3307

Mark Ridley-Thomas Dem-48(916) 319-2048[email]
Fax: (916) 319-2148 Fax: (213) 745-6722

Simon Salinas Dem-28(916) 319-2028
Fax: (916) 319-2128 fax(831) 759-2961

Lois Wolk Dem-8(916) 319-2008
fax(916) 319-2108 fax(707) 455-0490

Leland Yee Ph.D. Dem-12(916) 319-2012
Fax: (916) 319-2112
Fax: (415) 557-1178


Next week the Public Safety committee will also consider AB 50, the 50 caliber ban which will classify BOTH 50 caliber rifles AND the ammunition as destructive devices, thereby banning their sale to law abiding citizens. Contact the PSC members ASAP by sending them faxes. Their information is below.

50 caliber rifles ahve never been used in a crime. THey weigh too damn much for some gangbanger to hump one into a 7-11 and rob the joint. They cost anywhere form $2200 to $10,000 and are NOT the choice of criminals OR terrorists ans the anti-gunners would have you believe. Even if you don't OWN a 50 and NEVER WANT TO, we need you to contact legislators now. They is a fight for our liberty - our freedom - our RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. We pay the salaries fo these people - IT'S TIME FOR THEM TO DO WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO.

No more of this "silent majority" CRAP!! We need to stand up and be HEARD WHEN WE SPEAK!!!! If you want to preserve freedom for your children and their children too, then do this NOW. For them. Don't wait. Please... start writing now.

Assembly Public Safety Committee

Mark Leno, Chair 13 (916) 319-2013 Fax: (916) 319-2113

Jay La Suer, Vice Chair 77 (916) 319-2077 Fax: (916) 319-2177 CAPITOL
Fax: (619) 465-7765 DISTRICT

Paul Koretz 42 (916) 319-2042 CAPITOL Fax: (916) 319-2142
DISTRICT FAX: 310-289-4250

Todd Spitzer 71 (916) 319-2071 CAPITOL Fax: (916) 319-2171
DISTRICT Fax: (714) 998-7102

Rudy Bermúdez 56 (916) 319-2056 Fax: (916) 319-2156

John Longville 62 (916) 319-2062 CAPITOL Fax: (916) 319-2162 DISTRICT FAX Fax: (909) 388-1176

Jackie Goldberg 45 (916) 319-2045 fax: (916) 319-2145

Please forward this information to your family, friends, fellow gun owners and those who cherish our country's freedoms.

1538 N. State College Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806

Tuesday - Friday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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