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October 15, 2004

Greetings members! We will be open Tomorrow, Saturday the 16th, for members to come down and check the place out. We've been at the new store most of the day getting things ready for tomorrow. We don't have everything set up like we eventually want it, so it's a work in progress. Please bear with us.

And I STILL don't have your membership card made up yet. We are still missing pictures for about 75% of our members, so we'll need to get those. If we have not taken your picture, please email us a picture, with a light colored background.

In case you missed the last email with the address, here it is again:

1635 N. Orangethorpe Way
Anaheim, CA 92801
Orangethorpe Industrial Park
At the big flagpole about 1/4 mile east of Lemon St.
(714) 520-4600 - same phone number.

If you haven't purchased the 50 cal you've been wanting, we can still acquired one for you. Lead times on the rifles get longer and longer as each day passes by, so please don't put it off any longer.

Accuracy International - possible access to ONE used AW50 (used as demo for police departments). I am not sure of the condition of this rifle, as we do not have possession of it. Approx. price, $10,000 - $11,000. There will be no more AW50s imported to the States in time to beat the 50 ban.

Armalite - AR50 - Fairly quick availability. Armalite is prioritizing all California orders because of the ban. They are roughly 3 weeks out. For a recreational shooting gun that even a 13-year-old could shoot comfortably, the Armalite fits the bill.

Barrett - M99/kit, 99-1, 95 - these rifles have hardly been produced in the last several months. Although I have a list of at least 5-6 people waiting on the Model 99, I am making no promises. If you have been waiting for a 99 and have NOT already placed your order, please consider purchasing another model or brand with better availability. The 95s are similarly situated. The Barrett rifles have low recoil, making them a pleasant to shoot, if only we could get any in to sell.

82A1CAL - California legal semi-automatic magazine-fed (hinged magazine) - Barrett is producing 100 of these rifles. This model is the reason the availability on the other Barrett models has been lacking. Barrett has been working hard to get the 82A1CALs out before the end of the year, and thus production of other models has suffered. Orders are currently being placed for the semi's, and while I do not believe they have all been spoken for, they will go FAST, once the rifles start shipping (if not before). These are slated for delivery late November/early December. If you missed out on the chance to get a semi-automatic Barrett back in '99 when they were classified as "assault rifles" in CA, don't let it happen again. Get your order in ASAP.

Cobb FA50(T) - Due to the 50 Caliber ban in CA, Cobb mfg. has made an exception to their normal policy of selling only complete rifles. For a limited time, and to California residents only, Cobb mfg. is offering a complete FA50(T) lower for only $3000. This will enable many purchasers who want to get a great quality, accurate 50 caliber, but who don't have the funds available to buy the complete rifle now. You can buy the lower now and build it up later. Buy 2 (or get a friend to buy one at the same time) and we'll take another $100 off the price. You have GOT to see the video clip of the FA50(T) being shot (see the link on our Cobb page). The receivers are only a couple of weeks out, whereas the complete rifles are at a 30 day lead time. When you're ready, you do not need to send the receiver in to get it completed. We simply order the remainder of the package and voila!! The rifle assembles just as easily as an AR15!! You can also build the FA50(T) Carbine for $300 additional, with the same lead time (same receiver). For shootability and fast-action fun, the Cobb is a blast. And you can't beat the value either - the complete rifle includes a Starlight case with wheel, TWO 10-round magazines and a sling. In the $7000 price range, you get the most bang for your buck.

EDM Arms Windrunner - Also in the $7000 price range, the Model 96 is about 3-4 weeks out. For a tactical take-down rifle, you cannot beat the Windrunner. Taken down, it fits into a 32" soft case. It disassembles and reassembles un less than a minute, and it is self-headspacing. just put it back together and you're on target! For portability and accuracy, this gun is the ultimate! The EDM is precision made, reliable and has been undergoing refinements for over 10 years. Available barrel and bolt kits allow you to shoot .408 Cheyenne and .338 Lapua. The Windrunner is the most versatile 50 caliber rifle on the market.

LAR Grizzly - On the low end of the pricing scale, you'll find the LAR Grizzly is a superb buy. For what you get, you can't beat the price with a stick. The Grizzly comes complete with a hard case and scope rail. It also comes equipped with a Harris bipod, pinned for stability. It is very accurate, rugged and well-made. It ahs been around a while, and with improvements and modifications made along the way, the Grizzly would be ARM USA's "Best Buy." It is available in blue or parkerized, with a match of field chamber. Current lead time on match grade could be 3-5 weeks (best guess). Field grade guns are IN STOCK in blue finish. For about $3000, you could have one of the most accurate 50s available, including the scope.

Serbu BFG-50 - The Serbu BFG-50 rifles are 4-6 weeks out. The BFG is one of the lighter weight 50 cals available today. That feature makes the gun very easy to transport and maneuver. The muzzle break is effective enough, though, that the felt recoil is still manageable. The BFG-50 is also currently available as a receiver only purchase. The receiver runs $1000, and you can build it up later.

Ultimate Accuracy - The AMAC 5100 was originally built by Iver Johnson. It is in use throughout the world's militaries as a sniper rifle. The AMAC is extremely accurate. Its size and weight is similar to the Armalite AR50. It is roughly 58" long and weighs 34 lbs. In comparison to the AR50, it is more accurate and includes more features. For example, it includes and integrated bipod, scope rail and rings, whereas those items are sold separately for the AR50. All you need to add is a scope and a carrying case and you're ready to go. The recoil is comparable to that of the AR50, and it is comfortable to shoot.

McMillan - I spoke with them today and although the gentleman stated that receivers could be ordered (w/ $500 deposit) and that they were working non-stop to build them, there was no guarantee they could fill the orders.

You can see more info on all the 50 calibers on our website:

Last but not least (before I pass out here at my computer), we are going to have another 50 shoot at It will be held on Halloween Day, a Sunday, from 10AM - 1PM. This shoot will be open to not only GunRunners members, but to the public as well. This will give you an opportunity to shoot some 50s and decide which one is right for you. If you think you'll make it down for the shoot, please email and let us know so we can plan accordingly.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding - we look forward to seeing you tomorrow (or just as soon as you can make it in)!!!

In Freedom,
Frank & Jolynne
(714) 520-4600

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