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February 2002

Happy New Year….?

And so these are the days of our lives…We turn another page of the calendar, make our New Year's resolutions and hope for a more prosperous new year, especially after the toll that September 11 took on the whole of the United States.

But as we've grown accustomed, January 1 also brought with it an array of new legislation. As if we didn't have enough notices posted in the store about safe firearm storage or about kids and the dangers that firearms pose to them, we had to change the wording on two of the notices and had to add a fifth sign about the penalties suffered should a child gain access to a firearm and hurt someone or take the gun to school with them.

And effective January 1, 2001, when you purchase or take possession of a firearm you must sign under penalty of perjury that you own a safe that meets California's requirements, or you must purchase a "state approved locking device" (if you do not own a safe) prior to taking delivery of the firearm. You may not bring an approved gun lock in on your pick up date - you must purchase a new lock for each firearm. Just be thankful you're not on our side of the counter when it comes to all this paperwork.

As if we didn't have enough paperwork to contend with, these new laws require us to maintain copies of receipts and affidavits with the DROS paperwork. This just about doubles the state records we've already been keeping. In addition to space, the records take more time to keep and file and we're finding it tough to keep up. We will probably have to shorten our store hours or demand a 26-hour day. (And just wait til 2003 with even more restrictions and requirements!)

So yeah, Happy New Year, especially to the legislators who pass the idiotic laws that don't affect whether criminals get guns or not. The hoodlums that get their guns in the back alleys will never have to buy a gun lock because as is usually the case with firearm legislation, it only affects the law abiding citizen. Happy New Year, Kalifornia. Maybe someday the people will wake up.



It looks like the weather is going to be PERFECT - and there are spots still available for ARM USA's 5th 50 Caliber Shoot Sunday, February 24th at Angeles Ranges. You're sure to have a blast at this all day event. Click for details.


"The Wall"

If you haven't been in in the last couple of weeks, we'd like to invite you to stop by. We've created what we call "The Wall," full of BlackHawk Tactical Gear. Many more products have been added since we took this picture 3 weeks ago. At ARM USA, you save on shipping as most items are in stock. If you don't find it in the store and you've got to have it right away, you can order online through the BlackHawk Gateway and we will receive credit for your purchase. Either way, your business is greatly appreciated!


CRPA Banquet - A great time had by all

The Irvine Hilton was the setting for the California Rifle and Pistol Association's annual banquet celebrating the organization's 126th Anniversary. Speakers included orange County Sheriff Mike Carona, KABC Radio talk show host Larry Elder, aka "Sage from South Central," Congressman John Doolittle, and Sergeant Hans Strand, honored with the county's Outstanding Peace Officer award.

To the dismay of some, ARM USA closed up early, both at the store and the Gun Show (which was held at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds). We actually had a night out! We managed to fill up a table with ten customers/friends of ARM USA and we had a very nice time. Dinner was delicious, dessert was delectible, and we plan on doing it again next year. Depending on the interest generated, we are hoping to have 2-4 tables of 10 people. If you are interested in attending next year's banquet, please send me an email and type "BANQUET" in the subject line. You will receive first notice of when we have our tickets for next year.

On a side note, we have the CRPA's 3 month trial membership forms available at ARM USA. The CRPA has become an invaluable source of news and information with respect to firearms legislation, legislators' positions and voting history on bills related to firearms and gun control, and updates on pending lawsuits. Visit ARM USA today and get better informed on issues that matter to you!


If I had a buck for every time someone asked me about the gun show at the LA County Fairgrounds, can't say I'd be rich, but I'd be better off. Last week, we received a letter regarding Great Western's latest challenge to the county - that unidentified members of the Board of Supervisors are guilty "of a 'cover-up, 'secret meetings and attempts to 'sanitize' a $2.7 million deal with the Los Angeles County Fair Association to keep the world's largest show of its type out of Fairplex."

We've been sending donations to Great Western to help with the huge legal costs involved in this lengthy litigation. I'm pleased to know that many of our customers have also been contributing to the cause. If everyone who had ever been to the show (which is the World's Largest Gun Show) contributed $10 or $20, it would really add up! So if you have an extra bill somewhere, or maybe are getting a few bucks back on your taxes, maybe you'd consider making a small donation to the Great Western Gun Show toward their efforts to getting the best gun show ever back in California. I'd bet they would appreciate it more than words could say.


Gun Dealers See Numbers Decrease with Fall of B&B Sales

No, we're not happy about it, but it looks like B&B Westminster closed its doors last week. "Gee, well won't that mean you'll get more business? That's good, isn't it?"

No, it's not good. What it means is that the number of FFL dealers has been decreased even further. It means that there is less competition in the industry. Don't forget that it's competition that made this country great. Capitalism is a good thing. It helps to ensure that you receive good treatment as a customer. It almost certainly guarantees that you can find a fair deal when you're looking for a firearm and that you have a wide variety of firearms from which to choose.

Just imagine... the Ma and Pa shops (or sibling run shops) begin closing down for one reason or another, be it administrative nightmares, inability to compete with large chain stores, etc. Pretty soon you've got 2 or 3 stores that have a corner on the market. Or worse yet you've got maybe 1 store from which you can buy that handgun. How much do you think that handgun is going to cost when there's one place selling it and no one else can provide the product? I suppose you might compare that with the software your computer operates on, right? How much are Windows updates going for these days?

Who knows if B&B plans to open under another name or is definitely calling it quits. Maybe another store will pop up somewhere. Heck, we're nearing the end of our 3rd year in business - if we did it, why not someone else? Of course the laws have grown prohibitively stringent in just the last 3 years and we can honestly say that if we were thinking about opening a new store now, we probably wouldn't do it. Whatever their plans, we wish them and their former employees good luck.



ARM USA will officially introduce our DarkHorse Gunworks custom rifles this year at Trexpo, March 18-21 at the Long Beach Convention Center. We will also display the EDM Arms XM-107 Windrunner and Accuracy International AW50 50BMG rifles, along with US Optics scopes. Just as in our store, we will be displaying only the highest quality rifles and riflescopes. We will also be able to serve individual officers' needs for Assault Rifles. See store for details or email me at

If you are a member of the law enforcement community, we invite you to inquire about Guest Passes to Trexpo. Quantities are limited and passes will be distributed to qualifed law enforcement and military personnel on a first come, first served basis. Passes should be available by March 5th, call store for details or email See the newest technology in law enforcement equipment at Trexpo!


Links and Information
Violence Policy Center An organization with the likes of Handgun Control, Inc. - Get your highest boots on!!!
BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Second Amendment Foundation Protecting you constitutional right to keep and bear arms
Gun Owners of America Provides contact information for government representatives, newsletters, information and more


One Last Note...

As firearm owners, we are under constant attack by anti-gun numbskulls who use flawed arguments and twisted reasoning to convince the sheeple that guns are evil. It seems like they have the majority of the nation believing that by eliminating private ownership of guns, crime will magically disappear and the world will be a better place. Rest assured there are thousands and thousands Jews that would tell you otherwise - if only they were alive to be asked the question.

The right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed to us as Americans. The Framers of the Constitution knew exactly what they were doing when they drafted the Bill of Rights.The Second Amendment is the one right that guarantees all other rights. The media, who are so quick to sensationalize any and all incidents related to firearms, owe their RIGHT to do so to the Second Amendment.

What hurts firearm owners most is that fewer people are standing up for the Second Amendment. Anti-gun rhetoric is spewed forth like a sick Linda Blair movie (a classic, yes, but sick nonetheless). What I call upon you to do is this:

Next time you see, hear or read a news story maligning firearm ownership, stand up and make a statement. Because as far as we know, our firearms never snuck out at night and hurt anyone. We've got hundreds of guns in the store that just sit there innocently, minding their own business. Maybe we can eventually pound it into people's heads that it's not guns that kill people. People do. Until we convince them, we've got to repeat it every day.
Guns Don't Kill People - People Kill People


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