June 17, 2003

Where else can you shoot $54,000 worth of unbelievable 50 Caliber firepower for just a hundred and ninety bucks?

ARM USA’s 50BMGstore.com 50 Caliber Shoot June 22

We still have a few spaces left for our next 50 Caliber shoot up at Angeles Ranges on Sunday, June 22nd. We've even added a new 50 cal to the line-up - the Serbu BFG-50. We leave it to your imagination what the "BFG" stands for! Check out the website for more information on the 50 Caliber Shoot to be held at the Angeles Ranges. If you've been looking for a 50 cal but just couldn't make up yoiur mind, one shot could be the deciding factor. Get out and shoot 'em ALL!! Just look at all the rifles you get to shoot:

Shoot 8 different rifles:
Browning M2HB Semi-Auto Belt-fed -- 10 rounds
Accuracy International AW50 -- Single shot
Armalite AR-50 -- Single shot
Barrett Model 99 -- Single shot
EDM Arms Windrunner -- Single shot
LAR Grizzly Big Boar -- Single shot
Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100 -- Single Shot AND
Serbu BFG -- Single Shot

You can now download 50 Shoot sign-up forms!!
Get em here: http://www.50bmgstore.com/forms/50bmgshootforms.htm

For more info on the shoot, chesk our website which should answer most of your questions: http://www.50bmgstore.com/50bmgshootschedule.htm. Also, check out our FAQs page here: http://www.50bmgstore.com/50bmgshootfaq.htm. If you have any other questions, send an email to faq@50BMGstore.com, or give us a call at the store! (We will do our best to answer questions via phone, bearing in mind that customers inside the store demand immediate attention. We appreciate your understanding.)
ARE YOU A REPEAT OFFENDER? - All shooters who have participated in previous 50 caliber shoots SAVE $25 off regular shoot pricing when you sign up to shoot all rifles!!! just our way of letting you know we appreciate you coming out and having fun with us! (You will still receive a hat, shirt and enter all drawings.)

Where else are you going to find an opportunity like this!!?!??!?!? A full day of Range Time is included so you may bring other firearms to shoot. Join us and have the time of your life! And BRING A FRIEND!

Click here for the latest on the 50 Caliber Ban, now in the Kalifornia Senate. We can beat it but we need YOU do do your part!!! Contact your legislators

Thank you for your continued support of "The Best Damned Gun Store in Southern California." - And if you have any doubts about it, you haven't been to ARM USA lately!!!

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