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May 11, 2003

ARM USA Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary!

Who would have thought we'd make it this far? It's been a tremendous struggle these last few years, but - WE'RE STILL HERE!!

ARM USA opened its doors May 11, 1999, to a flood of customers - mostly lookie-loos eager to see what this new gun store had to offer.

And honestly, in the beginning, it wasn't much to look at. Instead of gun safes, we had masking tape drawn out on the floor indicating where the Cannon safes would go once we finally received them. We DID finally get them (over a month late if my memory serves me). What we could sell though, were the tons of t-shirts we had - 10 racks of them we spread waaaaay out, just to fill the empty space!

We had quite a few firearms on display - not that we could sell them, though, without an FFL, I mean! Seems like for each new license or permit we needed to get, the person in charge of that department was on vacation just when we needed their help. So we had some guns on display and couldn't sell them, and needed safes to sell but didn’t have our order on time.

Needless to say, we started out REALLY, REALLY slow. Frank and the 3 employees we started out with probably twiddled their thumbs more than anything during those first few months. But then the California Assault Weapon Ban hit us like a brick!

It was standing room only for the last few months of '99. We sold AR-15s, AKs, H&K USCs - you name it, if it was "EVIL" - we sold it! In fact, we firmly believe that if it were not for the Assault Weapon Ban, ARM USA would not exist today. That anti-gun legislation put this gun store ON THE MAP!!!

People came from far and wide because all the way up ‘til December 31st, we continued to have firearms and high-capacity magazines shipped in Next Day Air. We did what it took to fill the orders and get customers what they wanted. And still today, people come from far and wide - because ARM USA has what it takes!

We're now a far cry from the emptiness and lack of selection we suffered from in the early days. We have

so many great products now that it's hard to find room for everything. Nowhere will you find the selection of high-quality firearms and accessories that you'll find at ARM USA. And where else can you shoot 8 different 50 caliber rifles in a single day? Nowhere but ARM USA!

From Accuracy International Rifles to American Security Safes and BlackHawk Tactical Gear, to US Optics scopes, we carry the best products the shooting industry has to offer. We'll continue to do so - as long as we can count on your continued friendship and support. And if you've been with us since the beginning, you know exactly what we mean when we say ARM USA is a Different Kind of Gun Store (TM)!

We'd appreciate if you'd join us in celebrating 4 years of unsurpassed quality and unprecedented customer service by stopping in to say "HI."

We owe our success to YOU and we appreciate YOU. Help us achieve "4 more years!"

Thanks again - hope to see you soon!!!

Jolynne, Frank & The Crew



May 11 — ARM USA Turns 4 Years Old Today!!!

June 7&8 — Gun Show—Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa. ARM USA will be CLOSED for the gun show

End of June — Keep an eye out for notification of ARM USA’s next 50 Caliber Shoot, coming soon!!



Also, keep in mind that there is still lots of work to do to keep our legislators in check. As soon as I have more information regarding new legislation they're trying to sneak past us, I will be sure to let you know. This goes for the 50 Caliber ban, ammo tax, frivolous lawsuits - whatever it is, we do our best to keep you informed. You can always check our links page for sources for legislative alerts and the like!

We're also making history in our efforts to Recall Gray Davis - the Most Anti-Gun Governor in California History. Unless you would like to see it spelled "Kalifornia" we need you to keep up the good work and gather signatures. You can find more information about the recall effort here, as well as download petitions! Thanks for all you do - we CAN make a difference!!!

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