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Along with Gun Owners of California I voice my strong opposition and objections to AB 2858 Firearm Victims' Reimbursement Fund bill by Ridley-Thomas (D).

1.) Although called a "fee", the burdensome addition of extra costs to purchases of ammunition or handguns will greatly tax my limited funds.

2.) At issue is whether the 10% is a Fee or a Tax? I submit that it is a matter of perspective depending on how one is affected. Are you the Taxer or the Taxee, so to speak.
From my perspective it is a Tax and an exorbitant one at that. Taxing ammunition and handguns extra to fund the rehabilitation or rejuvenation of those who are injured with a firearm is outrageous. Matches are not taxed to fund burn patients, swimming pools, boats and buckets are not taxed to fund drowning victims, vehicles are not taxed for the purpose of building special facilities of healing for accident causalities. Burnings, drowning, and vehicle accidents are far more frequent than firearm incidents, as you well know.

3.) This bill exposes the obvious. It is simply more harassing of the gun owner and more expense in the hopes that the gun owners will abandon their hobbies, sports, competitions, and their ability to defend themselves.

I strongly urge you, my representative, to vote "NO" on this overbearing measure.


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