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September 3, 2004


AB50 and other anti-gun bills go to the Governor's desk for Signature

We need to defeat 3 anti-gun bills which passed thru the legislature and which await the governor's signature:
AB50 (50 caliber bolt-action ban);
SB1152 (ID and thumbprint info for ammo purchases); and,
SB1140 (firearm storage).

Letters and faxes are much more effective than emails. And now you can send your letter via fax to the Governor - FOR FREE!!! Go here:

I received ths information from Chuck Michel, firearms attorney. He has fought hard for 2nd amendment rights for the last 10 years. The free fax system is a service provided by the NRA Members Councils.

If Governor Schwarzenegger DOES NOT VETO these bills, they become law in 30 days. So a VETO IS CRUCIAL.

Please contact the governor and urge him to VETO these pathetic laws aimed at putting YOUR California gun dealers out of business.

SEND A FREE FAX. The letters are already there - all you have to do is fill in YOUR info and off it goes. Or you can draw up your own letter. Talking points on each bill are available on the same page.
Use these facts in your letter to the govenor. We have to keep trying. This is OUR state - we are not going anywhere. Don't give up until the battle is over.

Please send the governor a FREE FAX ASAP!
Let us know if you have any problems or questions.

This is it!!! It's on!!! Let's do it!!!!

In Freedom,
Frank & Jolynne
(714) 520-4600

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