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September 29, 2002


So you decide to take a trip to the range after a few months of not gettin' out to shoot. Lo and behold, when you arrive, the store you used to get your ammo from is closed with bars or wood across the door and windows, or they've been replaced by a 99-cent Store. You're shocked, since last time you went there (oh, was it around Easter - or was it Valentine's Day? - you can't quite remember), the store had about 6 customers in it, and they seemed to be doing pretty brisk business. Gee, with the high prices of guns, you'd think they were making money hand over fist. You scratch your head and drive the 10-15 miles to the next closest gun store you can find.

Sound familiar? It should. In the last 3-4 years, at least 3 gun stores have closed down in Orange County. Countless others have shut their doors in LA County, and seem to go down on a monthly basis. There are several reasons why this is happening and IT REALLY DOESN'T NEED TO BE THIS WAY. There are many ways that YOU can make a difference.

Ok, so there are what? 80 MILLION gun owners? And how many people voted in the last election, 5 million? Where are all the gun owners when it comes time to vote!? While many of us DO vote, many more DO NOT! The "gun owner" needs to get off its collective ass and vote! Please talk to your family and friends about issues and candidates. Get them to vote too!

When's the last time you went to a range, indoors or out, and threw some lead downrange? I'll bet for at least half (and I'm being cautious with that estimate!) of the gun owners out there that it has been over 6 months since they last shot. First off, we need to keep the shooting sports alive, even if it means putting just a box of 50 rounds through you home defense pistol at the local indoor range. Secondly, when you shoot up ammo, you need to replace it and clean your guns. Whether you need cleaning supplies or maybe just 1 or 2 boxes to even out your "stacks" (Mikey!), you can always find that at your favorite gun store. You should NEVER be caught short on ammo and EVERY gun store NEEDS YOUR BUSINESS!
We especially need you to SHOOT MORE DURING THE SUMMER!!! If you've been to ARM USA in recent weeks, it has more likely than not been pretty slow. Contrary to what most people think, summertime is a very slow season. With the exception of chain stores, I believe that all gun stores struggle in the summer. When we first opened, we thought summer would be a busy time, with kids out of school and all the outdoor activities and what not. Much to our suprise, summer is the slowest time of the year. Business tapers off in January (the "after Christmas" shock) only to begin increasing again in September/October (when the kids get back in school and hunting season begins). Seems most shooters go on vacation with the kids/family and don't do much shooting in the heat. (That's another thing that needs to change - Get the kids involved!)

Most people who shoot have friends who also shoot. The best thing you can do for any gun store is to tell a friend about them. When the folks at the gun store treat you right and take care of your needs, thank them by letting your friends know about them. If you have other shooting buddies who live a little farther away, plan a day where you can all visit the store together. If you've visited ARM USA, then you KNOW we have great stuff that no one else carries. We opened ARM USA with the intent of being different, better than all the rest. Henceforth our motto, "A Different Kind of Gun Store." If you don't think we're different, or better, LET US KNOW! And if you haven't visited us yet, get down here ASAP! You don't know what you're missin'!
For those of you who can't just hop on a plane to ARM USA, we've uploaded some video clips of the store - a "VIRTUAL TOUR" which you can see here: The clips aren't cinema quality, but you'll get the idea. And for those of you who actually have hopped on a plane to come see us, it means more to us than we can say. Thank you so very, very much!!!!

September 11, 2001. If you didn't double-check your firearms and ammunition supply that day or shortly thereafter, then you probably fall into one of three categories. ONE - You had just finished cleaning your guns Sunday night after a weekend of shooting fun and you knew exactly what was where and how much ammo you had for every gun; TWO - You realized that you needed something to protect yourself and your family with. You went down that Tuesday and bought a gun, realizing that if the SHTF, you weren't very well prepared; or, THREE - You sat on the edge of your easy chair glued to the boob tube and wondered how the government was going to protect you from further terrorist attacks, the threat of which still looms.
If you're in the third group, you probably also believe the police will be at your door 30 seconds after you dial 9-1-1 when a burglar is busting down your back door. Kind of like your old college girlfirend who just "couldn't get used to the fact that you were so into guns" that she left you, but sees nothing wrong with calling you to bring your gun over to protect her "cuz there's a crazy guy running around town who they are calling the 'Night Stalker'" and she's afraid to be home alone. Seriously now, WAKE THE HELL UP!
Can you imagine where we'd be right now if we had NEVER had GUNS!? Would we still be subjects of a foreign power? And what if we were to LOSE our guns due to the ever-increasing regulations thrust upon us by the MINORITY! - YES, the MINORITY!!! England. Australia. Need I say more? Guns are the ONLY way we can protect ourselves from both criminals and from tyranny in government. Ask yourself this - "If the Watts or Los Angeles Riots broke out on my street today, would I be prepared?" If you can't answer that in the affirmative - CONFIDENTLY, then take all necessary steps NOW so that tomorrow you CAN say, YES, I AM ready. This is for your benefit as well as ours. If everyone realized the truth in what I'm saying, then more gun stores would still be around.

April 23rd, boy what a day! We managed to defeat the proposed legislation which would have banned the sale of all 50 Caliber rifles AND the amunition. ( The "WE" is the California voter who gave a damn enough to not sit back and let those b@$t@rds up in Sacramento take our big bore rifles away. After weeks of letter writing and numerous visits by 50 BMG manufacturers and pro-2nd amendment groups' representatives to the capitol for committee meetings, we emerged victorious over AB2222! With the power of the internet to facilitate our communications, freedom-loving gun owners wrote, faxed, called and emailed their legislators and committee members, urging opposition to the bill. I am certain that without the internet and the information that is so freely available on it, we would have lost yet more gun rights in California.
I am also certain that SB23, the Assault Weapons Ban of 1999, would have never been passed either. Knowing what we know now, and who we know, along with our ability to network with each other, we could have rallied up enough opposition to beat down SB23 also. Is it water under the bridge? Maybe. Maybe ARs are gone forever. But if we stay abreast of proposed legislation, both PRO-gun and ANTI-gun, we CAN make a difference. Please keep involved and write your legislators. They've been getting away with so much because we have not been aware ENOUGH of what's going on. We want to change this and we NEED YOUR HELP. The following links provide information or newsletter and alert subscriptions, so you can be updated with important news AS IT BREAKS.

Let's keep alert, rather than going to buy your next handgun January 2nd, only to find out you have to go through more B.S. to get it. Let's stay aware and involved, and make sure everyone around you does the same. This is the only way to ensure that we dont lose more of our rights, and that the next samll gun shop doesn't get legislated out of business. You see, with your help, we can turn California around.



Perhaps the simplest, yet most important action gun owners can take to ensure they will be able to help in the defense of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is to make sure they are registered to vote. Only currently registered voters are eligible to cast their votes in the November 5 elections. Are you willing to let someone else decide who will speak for you in Congress or your state capital? Simply put, your vote is your voice, so USE IT OR LOSE IT! For voter registration information and applications for yourself or to share with your fellow Second Amendment supporters, contact the ILA Grassroots Division at (800) 392-8683 or click here. Gun shows, ranges, gun club meetings, and gun shops are great places to register pro-freedom voters. Remember, don’t stop once you are registered to vote yourself. Work within the pro-Second Amendment community in your area and help us register additional voters. Voter registration deadlines vary from state to state, but generally you must be registered to vote 30 days prior to Election Day, so act now! In Kalifornia, you must register by 15 days prior to election day.

We have voter registration cards at ARM USA. Please come pick one up today if you have moved since last election. Or you can register to vote online (for California). This is extremely urgent - PLEASE DON'T PUT IT OFF ANOTHER DAY!!! In California you only have until MIDNIGHT October 21st!!!




On Wednesday, [despite our efforts] Governor Gray Davis (D) signed into law two measures that repeal the 19-year-old exemption provision designed to prevent reckless lawsuits against firearms manufacturers. AB 496 (Koretz) and SB 682 (Perata), both opposed by NRA, join a handful of other anti-gun measures given the nod by Governor Davis, including AB 2902 (Koretz) and AB 2080 (Steinberg), which fund new programs by plundering Department of Justice’s Dealer Record of Sale account. This makes it even more critical that NRA members contact their federal legislators to voice their support for HR 2037 and S. 2268, federal legislation that, if passed, would preempt California’s enactment of this product liability legislation. If you are unsure of how to reach your federal legislators, you may call the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division at (800) 392-8683. Those with access to the Internet can also use our "Write Your Representatives" tool.

Also, the Los Angeles City Council delivered a stinging blow to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in California on Tuesday, when it voted unanimously to ban the sale and possession of .50 cal. rifles. In addition, the LA City Council may vote as early as Tuesday, October 1, on an ordinance that would ban hunting ammunition within the city limits. To view the full text of the measure and locate information on how to contact council members to voice your strong opposition, click here. You may also contact NRA-ILA Grassroots at (800) 392-8683 for more information.


On Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee reported favorably (passed) H.R. 2037—legislation to block politically-motivated lawsuits that attempt to hold law-abiding gun makers liable for the criminal misuse of their lawful products. The debate over this legislation was very heated at times, as anti-gun lawmakers sought to gut the legislation with unrelated or unnecessary amendments. In the end, the bill was reported favorably on a bipartisan 30 - 16 vote.

U.S. Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), one of the more active gun-ban advocates in Congress, shamelessly raised the specter of terrorism in order to further his personal anti-gun agenda, but his amendment was voted down on a bipartisan 37 - 15 vote. During debate over Waxman’s amendment, it was pointed out that existing law already provides for severe penalties should anyone be found knowingly to supply terrorists with arms. And the legislation itself, supporters stated, excludes entities from lawsuit protection under the bill’s negligent entrustment provision. Even after pro-gun Representatives John Dingell (D-Mich.), Chris John (D-La.), Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), and Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) pointed out the Waxman amendment was unnecessary, Waxman and Representative Tom Barrett (D-Wisc.) tried to argue for its passage, claiming it wouldn’t hurt. The anti-gun community clearly is not interested in passing laws that work, it is simply interested in passing firearm-related laws, even if they are ineffective, superfluous, or unnecessary.

Representative Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) offered an amendment that would have stricken the entire bill, and replaced it with a trigger-lock sale mandate. His effort, though, was ruled out of order, as it had nothing to do with the subject matter of H.R. 2037.

Representative Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), another shrill anti-gun voice in Congress, offered her own amendment that would have allowed the gun-ban organizations with which she often works to continue with their campaign of trying to drive law-abiding gun makers into bankruptcy under the financially crushing burden of frivolous litigation. Her amendment failed on a voice vote, but she may try to bring it up again at a later date.

The progress of H.R. 2037 is promising, and our thanks go out to all those lawmakers who have given their support to this reform effort. Energy and Commerce Committee Chair W.J. "Billy" Tauzin (R-La.) certainly deserves thanks, as do those Representatives who have been outspoken advocates of this bill. The House bill’s co-sponsor list—now at 231—continues to grow, as does the Senate’s version—S. 2268—which now has 42. Time, however, continues to be a factor for the passage of these critical reforms, as Congress will certainly operate beyond its targeted adjournment date of October 4, but for how long is not clear. Please call both your U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative and urge them to promote the passage of reckless lawsuit preemption legislation.

To contact your U.S. Representative, call (202) 225-3121, and to reach your U.S. Senators, call (202) 224-3121. Just ask to speak with your particular lawmaker. Or you can also use our "Write Your Representatives" tool.



Up until last year and the "anthrax attacks" we enjoyed sending Christmas cards to members of the armed forces. I always looked forward to the day the Dear Abby column would list the FPO and APO addresses to which I could address a few holiday greetings to brighten the day of a homesick soldier far, far away from his or her family. Because of the danger of anthrax, Operation Dear Abby went online to enable the public to send greetings and well wishes to service men and women around the world, without fear of dangerous substances harming our troops. Please take a moment to send a short note and make a soldier's day. Then smile, knowing they'll be smiling too.

Any service member stationed abroad who would like to receive a greeting card can email me their FPO or APO address as well. I will do my best to send you a card. If any ARM USA customers would like to help out in this regard that would also be super. Depending on cards requests that we receive, we will ask you to please hand deliver your greeting cards to ARM USA (un-sealed so we can check for white powder) and we will forward them to the addresses we receive from service members. If you can help us out by putting a 37-cent postage stamp on each card, that would be greatly appreciated too! Thank you!!!


Below are stories we feel will be of interest to you. For more details on each story, click on the appropriate link. If you receive alerts from various pro-second amendment organizations, then you may have already seen these.

The Violence Policy Center (VPC)—an obscure but exceptionally radical organization that openly advocates banning firearms—recently released a "study" praising the fact that many small-scale gun dealers have been driven out of business by excessive fees and burdensome regulations promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (BATF) under the guidance of the Clinton-Gore Administration. But while VPC may celebrate honest, law-abiding citizens being denied the ability to take part in a lawful business, the organization must be frustrated knowing that driving small-scale gun dealers out of business has had virtually no effect on legal gun sales. The total number of firearms owned by law-abiding citizens remains at an all-time high, and continues to steadily increase. And contrary to the gun-ban communities mantra that "more guns means more crime," the nation’s violent crime rate has decreased to a 23-year low.

State Deficit Growing, Simon Warns
Bill Simon, who has been ripping Gov. Gray Davis' record on California's economy wherever he goes, predicted Thursday that next year's budget deficit could reach $20 billion -- twice what anyone has projected so far. Elizabeth Hill, the state's legislative analyst, who spoke on a panel with former Gov. Jerry Brown just before Simon's speech to the Milken Institute's annual State of the State conference here, has projected that next year's budget will be about $10 billion in the red.

Next Article from

VPC: Los Angeles First City in Nation to Vote to Ban 50 Caliber Sniper Rifles
Posted 9/24/2002

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) today applauded the Los Angeles City Council for passing a ban on the sale and possession of 50 caliber sniper rifles. This marks the first time that a legislative body has voted to ban these weapons of war. The groundbreaking measure was sponsored by Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas and passed unanimously.

The legislative effort, which received strong support from the LA Police Department, was spearheaded by the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, aided by the Pacific Center for Violence Prevention, and based on research by the Violence Policy Center (VPC).

MetNews: CA: Gun Control Fails to Reduce Crime Rate
Posted 9/24/2002

Californians are more likely to be killed by criminals now than they were last year, and are far more likely to become victims of property crimes. That is the latest news from the state attorney general, who this month unveiled California's crime report for 2001.

These increases have happened even as Gov. Gray Davis has bragged about signing gun control laws to 'make California's streets and neighborhoods safer.' Statistics indicate just the opposite has happened, so maybe the real effect of the gun-ownership restrictions has been to keep law-abiding people from having firearms available to protect themselves and their property.

AFA: Fighting the War On Terror: The Right Way
Posted 9/21/2002

Additionally, those who died on Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania, were engaged in another form of patriotism. According to reports, when these brave souls had heard through communications from the outside that it was likely their hijacked plane was to be used as a guided missile against some undefined American target, they banded together and formed an unorganized militia unit.

Yes, I said the M word. Militia. Which is not a bunch of rednecks in cammies in the wilderness doing survivalist training... not that there's anything WRONG with that... no, the Militia, as George Mason stated, and the founders concurred, is 'the whole of the people'. That's everybody, armed and unarmed, attack force, surveillance and support. This spontaneously formed militia, formed at that moment and for specific purpose, the purpose being to retake the plane, succeeded in at least thwarting the successful bombing of some unidentified but important target, even though they were unable to save the plane and themselves.

(This has circulated via email for many months. While its veracity has not been ascertained, it is quite interesting. -JO)

Conveniently Forgotten Facts:
Back in 1969 a group of Black Panthers decided that a fellow black panther named Alex Rackley needed to die. Rackley was suspected of disloyalty.
Rackley was first tied to a chair. Once safely immobilized, his friends tortured him for hours by among other things, pouring boiling water on him.
When they got tired of torturing Rackley, Black Panther member, Warren Kimbo took Rackley outside and put a bullet in his head.
Rackley's body was later found floating in a river about 25 miles north of New Haven, Conn. Perhaps at this point you're curious as to what happened to these Black Panthers. In 1977, that's only eight years later, only one of the killers was still in jail. The shooter, Warren Kimbro, managed to get a scholarship to Harvard and became good friends with none other than Al Gore. He later became an assistant dean at an Eastern Connecticut State College.
Isn't that something? As a '60s radical you can pump a bullet into someone's head, and a few years later, in the same state you can become an assistant college dean! Only in America! Erica Huggins was the lady who served the Panthers by boiling the water for Mr. Rackley's torture. Some years later Ms. Huggins was elected to a California School Board. How in the world do you think these killers got off so easy? Maybe it was in some part due to the efforts of two people who came to the defense of the Panthers. These two people actually went so far as to shut down Yale University with demonstrations in defense of the accused Black Panthers during their trial. One of these people was none other than Bill Lan Lee.
Mr. Lee, or Mr. Lan Lee, as the case may be, isn't a college dean. He isn't a member of a California School Board. He is now head of the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, appointed by none other than Bill Clinton.
O.K., so who was the other Panther defender? Is this other notable Panther defender now a school board member? Is this other Panther apologist now an assistant college dean? No, neither! The other Panther defender was, like Lee, a radical law student at Yale University at the time. She is now known as The "smartest woman in the world."
She is none other than the Democratic senator from the State of New York, our former First Lady, the incredible Hillary Rodham Clinton. And now, as Paul Harvey said; You know "the rest of the story".


Something to think about (via email)

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years. Our Senators and Congressmen do not pay into Social Security and, of course, they do not collect from it. Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society.

They felt they should have a special plan for themselves. Many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan. In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan.

For all practical purposes their plan works like this: When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die, except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments.

For example, former Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7,800,000.00 (that's Seven Million, Eight-Hundred Thousand), with their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of their lives. This is calculated on an average life span for each.

Their cost for this excellent plan is $00.00. Nada. Zilch. This little perk they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan.

The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Funds--our tax dollars at work! From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into--every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer)--we can expect to get an average $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000. monthly benefits for 68 years and one (l) month to equal Bradley's Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made. And that change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us and then watch how fast they would fix it. If enough people know about this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe good changes will evolve.


Subject: Food for thought (via email)

No matter what you think of him, you'll have to agree he has a good message here....

by Rush Limbaugh, March 11, 2002

I think the vast differences in compensation between the victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving the country in uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11.

Well, I just can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million.
If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to a screeching halt.
Keep in mind that some of the people who are getting an average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are complaining that it's not enough. We also learned over the weekend that some of the victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have started an organization asking for the same deal that the September 11 families are getting. In addition to that, some of the families of those bombed in the embassies are now asking for compensation as well.
You see where this is going, don't you? Folks, this is part and parcel of over 50 years of entitlement politics in this country. It's just really sad.
"Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." -Adlai E. Stevenson, Jr.
Every time a pay raise comes up for the military, they usually receive next to nothing of a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in the Middle East while their families have to survive on food stamps and live in low-rent housing.
However, our own U.S. Congress just voted themselves a raise, and many of you don't know that they only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month, and most are now equal to being millionaires plus.
They also do not receive Social Security on retirement because they didn't have to pay into the system. If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an E-7, you may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people who placed you in harm's way receive a pension of $15,000 per month.
I would like to see our elected officials pick up a weapon and join ranks before they start cutting out benefits and lowering pay for our sons and daughters who are now fighting.
"When do we finally do something about this?" If this doesn't seem fair to you, it is time to tell this to as many people as you can.
God, yes, GOD Bless America, and those who protect her.


DON'T EVER FORGET (via email)

Subject: Remember Jane Fonda?
This is for all the kids born in the 70's that do not remember this, and didn't have to bear the burden, that our fathers, mothers, and older brothers and sisters had to bear. Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century." Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country but specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam.
The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot's name is Jerry Driscoll, a River Rat. In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison-the "Hanoi Hilton." Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJ's, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American "Peace Activist" the "lenient and humane treatment" he'd received.
He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and dragged away.
During the subsequent beating, he fell forward upon the camp Commandant's feet, which sentthat officer berserk. In '78, the AF Col. still suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying days) from the Vietnamese Col.'s frenzied application of a wooden baton. From 1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4E's). He spent 6 years in the "Hilton"- the first three of which he was "missing in action". His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned, fed, clothed routine in preparation for a "peace delegation" visit.
They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his SSN on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: "Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?" and "Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?" Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of paper.
She took them all without missing a beat. At the end of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and handed him the little pile of papers. Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Col. Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know about her actions that day.
I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam, and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968, and held for over 5 years. I spent 27 months in solitary confinement, one year in a cage in Cambodia, and one year in a "black box" in Hanoi. My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban me Thuot, South Vietnam, whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border.
At one time, I was weighing approximately 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs.) We were Jane Fonda's "war criminals."
When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi, I was asked by the camp communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with Jane Fonda. I said yes, for I would like to tell her about the real treatment we POWs received different from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by Jane Fonda, as "humane and lenient." Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms with a large amount of steel placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane till my arms dipped.
I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda for a couple of hours after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She did not answer me.
This does not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of "100 Years of Great Women." Lest we forget..."100 years of great women" should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood of so many patriots. There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them.
Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can. It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that we will never forget.

[This was published some time ago in Soldier of Fortune Magazine. You can pick up your copy of the current SOF mag at ARM USA.]


AND NOW THE LIGHTER SIDE (Isn't that a comic strip?)
Republican or Democrat?

A salesman was traveling between towns in California and got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Checking the spare, he found that it was flat, too. His only option was to flag down a passing motorist and get a ride to the nearest town.
The first vehicle to stop was an old man in a van. He yelled out the window to the salesman "Need a lift?"
"Yes, I do," replied the salesman.
"You a Democrat or Republican?" asked the old man.
"A Republican," replied the salesman.
"Go to Hell!" yelled the old man as he sped off.
The next to stop rolled down the window and asked the same question, to which the salesman gave the same answer "Republican." The driver gave him the finger and drove off.
The salesman thought it over, and decided that maybe he should change his approach, since there appeared to be few Republicans in this area.
The next car to stop was a red convertible driven by a beautiful blonde. She smiled seductively and asked if he was a Democrat or Republican.
"Democrat!", shouted the salesman.
"Hop in!" replied the blonde.
Driving down the road, he couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous woman in the seat next to him. The wind blowing through her hair, perfect breasts, and a short skirt that continued to ride higher and higher up her thighs.
Finally, he yelled "STOP THE CAR! STOP THE CAR!" She slammed on the brakes, and as soon as the car stopped, he jumped out.
"What's the matter?" she asked.
"I can't take it!" he replied. "I've only been a Democrat for five minutes and already I want to screw somebody!"

(Did I go too far with that one? HAHAHA)


Sure, we can use the following form letter to contact our congressmen, right?

I don't know WHO this wacko is (rhymes with HIM!), but I think he has a valid point, don't you? I'm just not sure we'll all be doing the cut-and-paste thingy when we're contacting our legislators.

"I think all little tiny bullets should be banned!! Why? Because they could get into someone's eye.....or lost all together!! But big bullets, mmmmmmmmmmmmm big bullets, now they should be a mandatory stay!!! I'm not talking like "stay fido, or I'll wadd a apaper and butt rap you" I'm talking an everyday thing! Hell, if it was done right, they could become so important in a younginz life, they'd be a part of a nutritious breakfast, including juice toast and milk.....but the milk has to be 2%, so all the little bullet sissyman projectile lovin nazi beeyach punybrains tummies could handle it. Anyway, I just wanted to send in a sensible, correct opinion of the way it oughta be in a fn perfect world ;-) Of course, you alread knowed all of this.
T @ D.O.A.


THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW (courtesy of John F.)

Certain types of manure used to be transported (as everything was years ago) by ship. In dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once water (at sea hit it, it not only became heavier, but the process of fermentation began again, of which a byproduct is methane gas.
As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could (and did) happen. Methane began to build up below decks and the first time someone came below at night with a lantern, BOOOOM! Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was discovered what was happening.
After that, the bundles of manure were always stamped with the term "S.H.I.T" on them which meant to the sailors to "Ship High In Transit." In other words, high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this volatile cargo and start the production of methane.
Bet you didn't know the history of that word.
Neither did I. I always thought it was a golf term.


California Fish and Game Department Advisory: (courtesy of Grant M. :) )

The California State Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, fishermen and golfers to take extra precautions and keep alert for bears while in the Yosemite and Mammoth areas.

They advise people to wear noise-producing devices such as little bells on their clothing to alert, but not startle, the bear unexpectedly. They also advise carrying pepper spray in case of an encounter with a bear.

It is also a good idea to watch for fresh signs of bear activity and know the difference between black bear and grizzly bear droppings. Black bear droppings are smaller and contain berries and possibly squirrel fur. Grizzly bear droppings have little bells in them and smell like pepper spray.


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