M2HB Semi-Auto Belt-fed
Accuracy International AW50
EDM Arms Windrunner

Be one of the lucky ones...

We will be taking these 50 caliber rifles to the Angeles Ranges Sunday September 22nd, and you're invited.

Sign up at
1635 N. Orangethorpe Way
Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 520-4600

Sunday, September 22
10:00 am

Due to limited space, shooters will be signed up on a first come, first served basis. All reservations must be arranged and paid for in advance at ARM USA. All paperwork must be completed prior to the day of the shoot you attend. Please sign up at ARM USA, not at Angeles.

You will shoot the following rifles:

The shoot will be limited to 15-20 shooters. The number of shooters is may change.
We may be able to let shooters shoot additional rounds through the rifles after all paid shooters have
taken their shots. Additional charges will apply.

Bring any other firearms you want to have some fun with. As fire season is still upon us, we will be shooting soft point match ammunition through all rifles. No steel core ammo is permitted at Angeles Ranges. Don't forget to pick up your ammunition at ARM USA Saturday before the shoot.

Usually you can get a great burger or hot dog at the Range. Beverages are available as well, check their website or call for details.

We anticipate a great turnout! After all, ARM USA carries firearms you've never seen anywhere but in the movies. We hope you will be able to SHOOT THE 50s and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!