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What the heck is this "Club" thing anyway?

As you probably know, ARM USA has always strived to be different - better than the rest. Henceforth, our motto - "ARM USA - a Different Kind of Gun Store." Well we ARE different. You can tell right away when you enter the store - we stock high-quality firearms, safes and accessories, and we treat you like a person - not a number. And if you ask us a questions, we'll give you the right answer, or tell you "I don't know," if that's the case. We won't make up some kind of story about how Glocks are made of the same material as the tiles on the Space Shuttle (NO, I'm NOT making this up!). If you're looking for something, we'll try to find it for you, or direct you to someone that can help you if we can't.

"So, what's this club thing?" you ask. We have some great ideas and hope you are open minded enough to give the Club a chance. We will have a lounge area where club members can come in and kick back. We'll have videos for viewing by members, reduced prices on gunsmithing service, borescope services, video rentals, discounted firearm prices, and savings on everything in the store.

Membership is already booming! Just a few savings that our current members enjoy:
Glocks - fixed sights, 9mm, 357 sig and 40S&W - $499.99
Glocks - fixed sights, 45 ACP - $539.99
.308 NATO - 800 rounds in ammo cans/bandoliers - $169
BlackHawk Tactical Gear - 25% off
Cleaning supplies, holsters & gun cases - 25% off
20% off Gun books

What possessed us to do this?
We're different. Better. Plain and simple. For the last 5 years we've been busting our asses to make gun owners aware that we are slowly losing our rights. And many of our customers have been instrumental in seeing that various gun control bills did not make it to law. Together, WE are the reason that you CAN STILL BUY a 50 caliber rifle in California. We have beaten the statewide 50 caliber ban TWICE! Now THAT's saying something. By creating the club, we can give something back to those of our customers who really give a damn about whether we can buy guns next year or not. The people who pay attention are the people we want to serve. It's a 2-way street. You help us - we help you. We can't continue to sell guns in this God awful state if things keep progressing the way they are. We want to make a difference. We want you to HELP us make a difference. If you want to play a part in seeing to it that our children and grand-children can inherit our guns, then WE WANT YOU.

Join GunRunners Club
Still hesitant? Come in and talk to us! We're extremely excited about this new club and we want you to be a part. Got any ideas? We'd LOVE to hear them. We're open to any and all suggestions for club benefits. Check to store for details on the new club. For a $120 annual membership fee, you can save hundreds - even thousands of dollars a year on guns, safes, and all the accessories! The Club is something you won't want to miss! Sign up for just $120 plus a one-time initiation/background fee of $50. Be sure to bring proof of your NRA membership, as it is required to join. If you are not an NRA member or your membership has lapsed - DON'T WORRY! We are an NRA recruiter and can sign you up for that too!!! Most likely, with the purchase of a single firearm and some related accessories, your new membership will have paid for itself! Don't wait!

Download the application and questionnaire (required)

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(Note: If you are already a current NRA or CRPA member,
you do NOT need to complete this form)

Best deals await members of ARM USA's GunRunners Club, so JOIN NOW! See you at ARM USA!!! As always, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your business!

Please call us at ARM USA if you have any questions
regarding the Club - (714) 738-4486


We want to hear from you!!!
If you have any suggestions for the Club - for events, amenities, products, etc - please jot your ideas down and drop us a line. We'd really appreciate any input you can offer. Thank you! - Jolynne
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GunRunners Club News
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