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News and Information


Club News
December 15, 2004

Barrett 99 kit just came available
Gun Show Sat-Sun at Del Mar Fairgrounds

Club News
October 15, 2004

ARM USA's new store address
Keep the weekend of August 28 & 29 open
50 Caliber Shoot Sunday, October 31st, 10AM - 1PM (Also open to the public)

Club News
August 15, 2004

GunRunners Events Upcoming
GunRunners Club Mixer - Saturday, August 28
50 Caliber Shoot - Sunday, August 29
Membership ID pictures
Store-Reopening - Time Frame
Pending legislation
Gun show at Costa Mesa 8/20-8/21

Club News
August 13, 2004

Confirm email address
Keep the weekend of August 28 & 29 open


Please call or email ARM USA if you have any questions
regarding the Club - (714) 520 - 4600

If you have any suggestions for the Club - for events, amenities, products, etc - please jot your ideas down and drop us a line. We'd appreciate any input you can offer. Thank you! - Jolynne - - - - guns@ARMUSA.com


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