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May 6, 2004



Effective January 1, 2005, YOU WILL PAY a 10% tax on all ammunition.
Effective January 1, 2005, YOU WILL PAY a 5% tax on all handgun purchases.

Mark Ridley-Thomas has introduced the "Ammo Tax" bill again, but this time he's added a "handgun tax" as well. You WILL PAY tax on all ammo purchases and handgun purchases next year, if you let this bill pass.

So, you'll just buy your ammo online, right? Sure, but you'll STILL pay that tax, according to this proposed legislation. And if you think to yourself, "Ah, I've got all the handguns I'm ever gonna need anyhow, and I can just reload my ammunition," I've got news for you. The goal is not to "reimburse firearm victims" as the title of the bill would suggest. If you haven't been living under a rock, then you know - the one and only ULTIMATE GOAL of these ANTI-GUN POLITICIANS is to see to it that no more handguns (and eventually no firearms whatsoever) are sold in Kalifornia. They will not rest until Kalifornia is FIREARM-FREE. Is that the kind of place YOU want to live? Where only the "authorities" and thugs have guns?

Once we lose our guns, we're at the mercy of the government - not to mention being at the mercy of criminals who don't obey the laws we already have. We have to nip this B.S. in the bud. Read the legislation for yourself. The links are below. It's only 3 pages long (so far). Once you're done reading - get as pissed off as I am and do something about it! We can't stand to lose any more of our rights in this God-forsaken state.

And that includes any "peace officer required to carry a firearm while on duty...." Does that include you? Probably not. So we'll just have our cop buddies buy our ammo for us, right? Yeah, right! We know what we have to do.

AB 2858 calls the extra 5% or 10% you pay a "FEE" and its proponents claim it is not a tax. The only reason for the play on words is that for a "fee" they don't need the 2/3 vote required like they would for a tax. That way they need fewer votes to stick ya with it. Let them know that WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED. Contact the members of the Assembly Approriations Committee NOW and tell them you won't stand for it.

First off, EMAIL is the LEAST effective means of influencing legislators. Handwritten snail mail is optimal, but if you do not have time to do that, at least send a fax, or call their office. Call both of their offices (they all have one office in Sacramento, and at least one other office in their district). Call ALL of them if you can. Remember, thoguh - please be cordial and polite when calling. Never get angry - it won't help them listen to reason. Maybe they'd not even make a note you called and were opposed. Gun-owners are generally good-hearted, honest, hard-working citizens. That's how we want to be seen.

You can find the names, phone numbers AND fax numbers of the Assy Appropriations Committee members here: . I believe it would be most effective and time-saving to send every one of them a fax. We beat this thing last year, and we can do it again with your help! Your calls and letters are especially crucial this time, since the author is also a member of this committee!!!

I received an email today with a sample letter. You can view that letter here: You can use it verbatim or adapt it to suit your style, or you can write your own. We'd be happy to post your sample letter on our website for others to model their lettes after. Email it to

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Don't rest on your laurels and expect someone else to carry this burden for you. It's up to all of us to defeat this legislation.

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